Sunday, November 29, 2015

My MTC Family

Here's my District at the MTC.
We are great and awesome and like a small missionary family.
Elder Watts is my companion while at the MTC.

Left from Right 

Back row.. Elder Sosa. Elder Cook. Elder Loveland. Elder Quinn. Elder Watts. and Elder George. 
Front Row. Sister Hart. Sister Brandley. Sister Gregory. Sister Viinga.

MTC is great fun. past few days was mostly devotionals and yesterday for Thanksgiving we had Dallon H. Oaks talk to us. It was all great knowledge and very spiritual.

The traditional MTC picture

At the Provo Temple
Back row:  Elder Sosa. Elder Cook, Elder Quinn, Elder George and Elder Watts
Front Row:  Sister Viinga. Sister Gregory, Sister Brandley, Sister Hart 

Told you we are great and AWESOME!!! 

Leaving home.........

Wednesday Nov 18th 2015
Packed, (list checked several times!!)
My flight was at 5:45 am.  We left home at 3 am and went by Morgan's house to pick her up.  
On my way to the MTC in Provo UT.  Will be in Salt Lake City at 7:30 am, then its about an hour to Provo.  Taking the Express Shuttle.
Estimated that I will be at the MTC until Dec 2nd then will head out to CA.

Morgan showing me how to connect suitcases to pull them together!

                                                              Ryan, Aaron and Morgan

   Waiting in line to check my bags. First time flying!  

Next in line!!
Checking in at the grown up!

Officially a Full Time Missionary

Oct 31st At the Temple
Matt, Morgan, Aaron, Mom and Dad

 Dad, Aaron, Mom and President Call

On Nov 17 set apart as a full time missionary to serve for 2 years in the California Fresno Mission