Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Field Trip

Jan 04 2016

Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park

Today we went sight seeing up into the Mountains, North East of Visalia, CA. to the Sequoia National Park

 Located in this park is General Sherman 
currently the largest living tree

We also played in the snow!!!!  
Building a snow-fort, a snowman, snow ball fights and sledding

Cool shades because I am in California!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Zone Conference December 2015


                  Can you find me in my orange tie?  (3rd row 2nd from right)       


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 25 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!   My first Skype home.  Things are going well, weather is good, we run every morning for at least 20 min.  I have gained 10 lbs.  I am so busy I can never remember what day it is.

This week we went to a ward members home for dinner and when we walked in the smell was really familiar to me. Then I found out they were serving Taco's for dinner!!  My dad has Taco's every week.  My first time having them while on my mission, reminded me of home.

I met Elder Scott Walker recently.  He is from Kearney MO and we used to be in the same Stake. His grandparents  Dan and Faye Walker and some of his aunts and uncles are in my ward.

Love California, reminds me of being in Arizona except people have grass lawns instead of rocks. Love being in the city.  

We had our first Zone Conference and it was really good.  

Visiting with Sister Ward. She lives in our building, but is not in our ward.

Skyping with my family (took glasses off because they were glaring)  Mom asked me if I am pressing my own shirts as it looks really nice.  But I don't press them, Just hang up every night and also after washing.  Ward members have given us so many treats we are overloaded.  I eat way too much!!

Merry Christmas from the Missionaries in my mission area

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

First Stake Conference as a Missionary

December 12th 2015

Elder Draney and I are the Visalia, CA 3rd Ward Missionaries

Singles ward, 3rd ward  and 8th ward Elders in the Visalia Stake

Monday, December 7, 2015

First Companion and Trainer

Dec 7th 2015
They took a lot of videos ... Like us coming to Fresno from the airport... which was a crazy day... Because we woke up at 5. Got on a Bus, then got on a Train. Then we got to the airport and got on a Plane. Super fun tho. First time I was on a Train, It was fun :)

AND I LOVE MY BIKE!!!! We ride normally every night and its great... Its stuff I don't think you would ever let me do. Like riding beside the highway, or over a bridge! I really love the city :) If I can only remember all the roads and everything... I'm serving in Visalia 3rd Ward.

My new companion is Elder Draney.  He is also my trainer

With President and Sister Clark

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm in California!!

Dec 3rd 2015
As you know my P day is Monday but I get to email you today to let you know about me arriving safely and we already did a missionary thing called Open My Mouth. Where we went out and talk to people on the streets and ask them to be baptized after we talked and gave a book of Mormon or a card. Also as you know you can go to Fresnomission.blogspot.com for Pics of me.

 My first companion and my trainer is Elder Draney, he is from Utah

     Our new missionaries with their "new" companion who also acts as their trainer for the "12 Week Program"

Video of arriving and  first couple days in Fresno Mission

Sunday, November 29, 2015

My MTC Family

Here's my District at the MTC.
We are great and awesome and like a small missionary family.
Elder Watts is my companion while at the MTC.

Left from Right 

Back row.. Elder Sosa. Elder Cook. Elder Loveland. Elder Quinn. Elder Watts. and Elder George. 
Front Row. Sister Hart. Sister Brandley. Sister Gregory. Sister Viinga.

MTC is great fun. past few days was mostly devotionals and yesterday for Thanksgiving we had Dallon H. Oaks talk to us. It was all great knowledge and very spiritual.

The traditional MTC picture

At the Provo Temple
Back row:  Elder Sosa. Elder Cook, Elder Quinn, Elder George and Elder Watts
Front Row:  Sister Viinga. Sister Gregory, Sister Brandley, Sister Hart 

Told you we are great and AWESOME!!!